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To become a world wide respected resource for Jaguar Vehicle owners by delivering detailed vehicle information and maintenance 'Know-how'.

Our Website Users

Our Website visitors are increasing rapidly month on month. Visitors come from all walks of life, and all around the world, without doubt, and perhaps as may be expected most of our visitors are from the UK, followed very closely by the USA, but others come from far more exotic areas of the world.
Most visitors to find us when they are looking for answers regarding a particular problem with their vehicle. Some find us when looking for specifications or general information about the operation and use of their vehicle. In both cases they find us from Jaguar Forums, specialist Maintenance and repair websites as well as Search engine listings, and Wiki.
Many of our website visitors are looking for information that will allow them to carry out their own repairs and maintenance, purchase components or repair services. Others are just looking for information so that they can make an informed decision when determining maintenance requirements for their vehicles, or availability of components or services local to their area.
In all cases most owners have selected a Jaguar above any other choice of vehicle for very personal reasons not necessarily driven by the requirement of economy or efficiency, by default most Jaguar owners are quite passionate about their vehicle, and are willing to spend that little extra to keep the vehicle at its peak performance.

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We offer a number of B2C advertising options, and are willing to discuss any arrangement that you would like to explore. Advertising directly with us though a rotating banner or text link is far more focused than PPC options and can be far more cost effective than using Adsense or similar bidding arrangements.
We allow you to tailor your advert in order to have the best effect when shown on different pages within the site, believing that better advertising relevance is good for our advertisers and site visitors.
To discuss your individual expectations and requirements, contact our advertising team and we will be happy to discuss in depth how we can tailor advertising to suit your exact requirements.

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