Headlamp Bulb Replacement

Dip (Low) Beam Headlamp

The Jaguar X Type Dip (Low) beam headlamp bulbs are located either side of the vehicle nearest the inner wing, they are enclosed with a large plastic cover that is retained by two metal clips.
Replacing the bulbs for the headlamps is awkward but not difficult, allow a minimum of 20mins for this job.

Tools and Parts Required:-

RH Side Lamp Removal

Engine Cover
Remove the Engine cover (this is purely for access, it is possible to do the job without removing the engine cover, however it is far easier to do if you do remove it.

First Cover Clip Second Cover Clip

Release the two clips that retain the plastic cover over the rear of the headlamp assembly, and move the cover out of the way exposing the rear of the headlamp assembly.

Headlamp Rear Cover Removed

Remove the connector plugged into the rear of the Bulb.
Remove the wire clips that retain the bulb by pressing inwards towards the bulb and front of the vehicle, they will unclip from their hook, and can then be folded backwards out of the way.
Remove the lamp.


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