(Diagnostic Trouble Code) Readers


The OBDII systems on all modern vehicles can be used to locate and diagnose faults within the vehicle engine management systems by identifying the relevant DTCs, is an acronym for “Diagnostic Trouble Codes”. These problems generally affect the vehicle's emissions and engine performance, onboard systems and antilock brake systems (ABS), When your engine control system detects a problem, the computer stores the DTC in its memory and illuminates the Engine Management Light.

Engine Management Light

suitable Jaguar DTC Scan Tools/Readers

Many service centers provide Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader tests for a small fee, but good quality scan-tools at economical prices, are now readily available.
OBDII Readers differ in complexity (and cost) and the selection of reader depends largely on personal choice of how you wish to display the results. There are three basic types of DIY unit;
     (1) PC based (used with software on a laptop) and connected via a USB interface module.
     (2) Bluetooth interface to mobile phones.
     (3) Hand held direct connection into the OBDII connection.
All units are generally compatible with all cars, but it is advisable to check that this is correct for the unit you select, incorrect evaluation of the fault code can result in mis-diagnosis of the problem.
Certain codes are set in stone by the Automotive industry and are common to all vehicles, however a great many of the codes that will be generated are Manufacturer Specific. If the code reader is not designed to decode your vehicle you may still be able to look up the DTC code in the manufacturers documentation.

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