Jaguar X-TYPE Electrical System

The Jaguar X-type employs a complex electrical system of standard car electrical arrangements as well as data and control busses for the numerous computer systems.

Power Supplies

The Jaguar X-TYPE electrical system is a standard Negative earth supply- side switched system, with various star points around the vehicle providing ground connections. Power and logic systems are not seperately grounded, however a number of components use individual ground points.

As normal much of the electrical power for the car is routed via the ignition switch. Power supplies thoughout the car are provided by:-

  • Direct battery power supply.
  • Ignition switched power.
  • “Battery Saver” power supply.

The “Battery Saver” power supply circuit controled by the internal timer circuits of the General Electronic Control Module.

Fuse Boxes

The Jaguar X-TYPE is fitted with two fuse-boxes, with the exception of the towing accessory kit all fuses and relays are located in the one of the two fuse boxes.

A hard-wired Power Distribution Fuse Box is located in the engine compartment, and the Central Junction Fuse Box in the passenger bay glove compartment / front left-hand foot well (LHD).

Vehicle Networks

The Jaguar X-TYPE employs three different networks.

  • CAN (Controller Area Network) for high-speed powertrain communications.
  • SCP (Standard Corporate Protocol) network for slower speed body systems communications
  • D2B (Optical) Network for very high-speed “real-time” audio data transfer.

The D2B Network is a fiber optic network with a gateway to the remaining vehicle networks via the Audio Unit (Radio Head Unit).

Access to the three networks and the Serial Data Link is via the Data Link Connector.

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