Jaguar Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0341
CMP Sensor 1 circuit range / performance – bank 1

Jaguar Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0341 relates to a fault with the camshaft position sensor signal bank 1 (nearest the firewall).

Note: This fault can also be caused by defective Spark Plugs. If tests on the sensor show it as good the fault may be related to a problem with bank 1 spark plugs.

Bank 1 sensor

The camshaft position sensor (CMP) sends a signal to the Engine Management systems indicating the position of the cam. Any time that the signal is inconsistent with what the signal should be, this code is set.
The X Type has two of these sensors bank 1 and bank 2.

Possible Faults:-
CMP Sensor disconnected
CMP Sensor gap incorrect / foreign matter on sensor face
CMP Sensor / circuit: open circuit
CMP Sensor / circuit: short circuit to ground
CMP sensor / circuit: short circuit to high voltage
CMP Sensor 1 failure
Wiring damage or mis-routed.
Miss-fire/Ignition problems.

Before opting for a new sensor remove the old one and check the surface of the unit for debris, if the face is contaminated clean the face and replace the sensor, clear the DTC and reset as below.
If the sensor surface is clean swap sensors from bank 1 and bank 2, clear the DTC and reset as below. If the fault code moves to bank 2, (DTC 1341) then the fault is the sensor. Simply replace the sensor.

Details on how to change the sensor can be found here.

After DTC reset perform the following:- Start engine; momentarily
Race the engine; stop engine
Repeat two additional times
Start engine; idle 30 seconds
Accelerate from stop through complete engine rpm range and coast to a stop.
Drive the vehicle steadily between 48 – 97 km/h (30 – 60 mph) for 5 minutes; coast to a stop
Accelerate smoothly through complete accelerator pedal travel; coast to a stop
Idle engine 30 seconds

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