Jaguar S-Type Programming (Pairing) a Remote Key Fob

Some S-Type vehicles


Programming or pairing a new remote Key fob for the S Type is a little more of a problem than the X Type, it very much depends on the system fitted. If the keyfob has only three buttons it is likely that the process for the X Type will fail to work, other methods are slightly different is as follows:-
Should this fail after 2-3 attempts, then it is likely that the fob will need to be re-programmed by Jaguar.

1.)I would recommended that you ensure all key fobs are fitted with new batteries. ( Click here to see battery replacement guide).

S-Type Remote Control Programming (Procedure 1)

2.) Ensure Drivers door & boot is open.
3.) Hold high beam switch towards you.
4.) Insert key in ignition and turn to accessory position .
5.) Release high beam switch.
6.) Pull & release high beam switch 4 times slowly.
7.) Listen for chime.
8.) Press lock button on each remote to be programmed.
9.) Listen for chime.
10.) Ignition off.
11.) Close & open door.
12.) Test remotes.

S-Type Remote Control Programming (Procedure 2)

2.) Turn ignition from O to II four times.
3.) A chime will be heard.
4.) Press the button on each remote that requires programming.
5.) Switch ignition OFF.
6.) Test each remote control.

S-Type Remote Control Programming (Procedure 3) (USA MODEL PROCEDURE)

2.) Open the vehicle trunk.
3.) Turn ignition only to 2nd notch/accessory (do not start)
4.) Toggle your valet switch 4-5 times till you hear a chime (this indicates the vehicle is now in learn mode)
5.) Hold your remote button till lights flash and car will chirp once more to let you know remote has been set.
6.) Repeat Step 5 for all remotes.

S-Type Remote Control Programming (Procedure 4) (UK Variant)

2.) Get in the car and close the drivers side door.
3.) Put the key into the ignition and turn to position 0.
4.) Wait 5 seconds.
5.) Turn the key quickly to position II then back to 0 four times.
within 6 seconds (do this only once)
6.) You should hear a single chime.
7.) Remove the Key.
8.) For each Key fob in rapid succession. Press and hold the Boot (Trunk) release, lock or unlock button on the key fob you wish to pair, you should hear a chime as each Key fob is paired with the security system. After the chime repeat the process on the next Key fob you wish to pair.
9.) On compleation after all keys have been programed, wait 3 minutes then check the operation of each Key fob by locking/unlocking the vehicle.

Important Note :-All the fobs that you wish to use Must be paired at the same time. Every time you operate the key as in step 5 above the code will be changed, previously programmed fobs will no longer work unless you pair them all at the same time.

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