X-Type Instrument Cluster Diagnostic Codes

Hidden away in your Jaguar is the X-Type Instrument cluster dianostics, a very useful if difficult to read Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS).

This IDS has a self-diagnostic mode known as ETM (Engineering Test Mode), it can be used to show the status of the instrument cluster inputs as well as other useful diagnostic features. The central LCD on the X Type and RH Message center S-Type displays internal data that can be cycled through by repeated pressing the trip button.

X-TYPE Instrument Cluster Self-Diagnostic ETM

VIN: C00344 onward

To place the cluster in ETM, perform the following:

  • Press and hold the stalk trip cycle button whilst turning the ignition from position 0 to position II, until'TEST' or 'ENGINEERING TEST MODE’ is displayed on the Message Centre display. The stalk trip cycle button must be released within three seconds of 'ENGINEERING TEST MODE’ being displayed or the instrument cluster will exit Self- Diagnostic mode.
  • To navigate forward through the instrument cluster Self-Diagnostic Mode tests, press the tip of the indicator stalk (X-Type) or the trip computer ‘MLS/KMS’ button(S Type).
  • To navigate backward through the instrument cluster Self-Diagnostic Mode tests (S Type), press the trip computer ‘A/B’ button.
  • To exit Self-Diagnostic Mode, press the stalk trip cycle button for more than three seconds.
  • The Self-Diagnostic Mode is also deactivated when the ignition switch is turned to the 'OFF' position, or low battery voltage is detected.
  • If the Self-Diagnostic Mode cannot be accessed (check function of buttons), use IDS/WDS to diagnose the instrument cluster.

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