Changing O2 Sensor Bank 2 Sensor 2

Special Equipment and Tools Required:-

Jaguar X-Type petrol (all years) Part Number C2S38497

Standing facing the Flywheel end of the engine, Bank 2 is located on the left hand side of the engine, there are two sensors one upstream, on the engine side of the catalytic converter, and one down stream on the exhaust side of the catalytic converter.
Bank 2 Sensor 2 is the Downstream sensor for this side of the engine.

2.0L V6

Bank 2 sensor 2, This sensor can be accessed from under the vehicle (Pictured above, viewed from under the vehicle).

Changing the Sensor

It is always advisable to disconnect the vehicle battery before carrying out any work within the engine bay.
The connector for the sensor is found at the bottom front of the battery bay. Disconnect the black sensor connector.

Bank2 Sensor2 Connector

In order to release the connector there is a small clip on the top of the connector that needs to be pressed as the connector is gently pulled.

Bank 2 sensor 2 can clearly be seen from under the vehicle, or if the battery and battery tray are removed access from the top is simple.
Release the sensor using the O2 removal tool or 22mm open ended spanner. Remove completely from its fitting.

Replacement of the sensor is the reverse process of removal. There is no setting to be done, except to complete a drive cycle with the vehicle, or reset the engine management light.

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