Rear Anti Roll bar bushes

Rubber Bush Removal

The Jaguar X Type is fitted with two rubber anti-roll bar bushes that clamp the anti-Roll bar to vehicle, Jaguar Part number is 1X43 4A37-AA. These are likely to be require changing at about 70Kmiles (112,000KM) with normal road use.
Replacing the bushes is a fairly easy job, allow a minimum of about 45 minutes for this.

Tools and Parts Required:-

Working on a flat surface jack up the rear of the vehicle, so that the wheels are still on the ground but the vehicle weight is taken up on the Jack/Axle stands, clean the showing threads of the torx bolts with the wire brush then spray them liberally with the penetrating oil, allow 5 minutes for the oil to penetrate.

Anti Rollbar bush Anti Roll Bar Bush

Using the E11 Torx Socket release the two bolts front and back of the bracket a little at a time on both, once released about 5mm you should be able to move the Anti-roll bar up and down fairly easily within the bracket. If not then adjust the amount height that the vehicle body has been raised until you can. Remove the bracket.

Anti Rollbar Bracket remove old Bush

Release the old bush by sliding it along the bar and pulling off. Brush off the anti-rollbar and the bracket with the wire brush.


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