Rear Anti Roll bar bushes

Rubber Bush Replacement

Apply three or four lines of Loctite retainer to the inside of the bracket. This will prevent squeaks later, and was a recommendation in a Jaguar Technical bulletin.

Retainer on Anti Rollbar Bracket

Replace the bushes by pushing the split in the bush over the anti-rollbar, and move them into place, push the bracket back on and align the bolt holes.

Replaced bushes completed

Apply a little anti-seize grease to the bolts, and re-fit them. Tighten both bolts a little, then nip up the one towards the front of the vehicle first. Tighten the second bolt up lightly.

Anti Rollbar Bracket remove old Bush

The final tightening of both sets of rear anti rollbar bolts should be done with the Jack/Axle stands removed, tighten both bolts to 25Nm.
There is no reason that you can not fit after market polyurethane anti roll bar bushes, should you wish.

Replaced bushes completed

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