Jaguar X-Type-ETM-Mode-DTC


The Jaguar X Type instrument cluster Engineers Test Mode (ETM) will indicate Many of the vehicle DTCs however it will only show faults detected during continuous operation and not self test faults. Because of this it should not be considered as a replacement for an OBDII code reader required to read the standard DTCs.

The codes are presented in hexadecimal format, the Most Significant Bit will be a number or letter 1,9,A,D or E, followed by 3 Decimal digits.

The first hex digit corresponds directly to the DTC code identifying the system related to the trouble code.

     1XXX relates to Enhanced (manufacturer specific) codes P1
     9XXX relates to Body Enhanced (manufacturer specific) codes B1
     AXXX relates to Body Enhanced (manufacturer specific) codes B2
     DXXX relates to Undefined (manufacturer specific) codes U1
     EXXX relates to Undefined (manufacturer specific) codes U2

The last 3 digits are in Decimal and relate directly to the DTC code. i.e D900 = U1900 which is a CAN bus fault.
The numbers can relate to a number of different problems (like the example above) so should only be used as a guide. The use of a DTC code reader is the best way to recover diagnosis codes and information.

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