Petrol Engine Air flow Sensor (MAF Sensor)

MAF Sensor

MAF Sensor Testing and Cleaning:-

Once removed from the vehicle the sensor can be replaced or cleaned, cleaning doesn't always work and even when it does it can quickly become a problem again. It's not really possible to clean the mass air flow sensors with anything other than a spray.

MAF Sensor thermistor measurement

The thermistor of the MAF sensor is connected to the two RH terminals (when looking into the connector.) measuring across gave approximately 2.5Kohm at 19 deg C. As a quick check if you breath directly on the thermistor as you monitor the resistance measured across the terminals indicated, you should see the value drop, alternatively spray the thermistor with a dry air cleaner, and you should see it rise.

MAF Sensor thermistor measurement

Clean the MASS AIR FLOW elements with spray down the hole at the tip of the sensor (above). Clean the thermistor with the same spray and a Q tip or similar, and leave the sensor upside down (connector in the air) until dry. Replace the sensor, secure with new screws and reconnect. Replace the battery cover and start the car. You will need to carry out drive cycles or just allow time before the engine 'learns' the new Airflow values.


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