X Type Oil and Filter Change

Lube Oil and Filter Change

An Oil (Lube) change on the X Type is a fairly simple operation, so allow a minimum of 45 minutes for this job.

Equipment and Tools Required:-

X Type Oil Filter Location
Oil Filter Location 2.1L

The Oil Filter is located on the bottom of the engine toward the front right hand side of the vehicle(2.1L).

With the vehicle on level ground, jack up and secure the front Right Hand side with axle stands . The whole waste oil extraction and filter change process can be performed with the vehicle raised.

Oil Drain Plug
Sump Oil Drain Plug Location 2.1L

Locate the Oil Drain Plug (Sump Plug) this is positioned on the rear of the oil sump. The drain plug is a 13mm bolt with integrated flange and rubber O ring. It can be seen when looking at the engine sump from behind the front left hand wheel.

Note: DO NOT change the O Ring standard Nitrile rubber O Rings will degrade when in contact with oil, should you feel that this is faulty replace the whole drain plug with Jaguar part number XR820128

Remove Oil filler cap
Remove Oil Filler Cap

Open the bonnet (hood) and remove the oil filler cap and dip stick. Plug the filler cap hole lightly with a paper towel.

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