X Type Oil and Filter Change cont

Filter and Oil

Once the Sump Drain Plug has been located, release it using a 13mm spanner (wrench) or socket, do not remove it at this time, leave finger tight.

Sump Plug removal X Type drain oil
Release Sump Plug and Drain Old Oil

Slide the Oil Pan under the vehicle then release the sump plug, allow the engine at least 10 minutes to drain of all oil. In the mean time (once most of the oil has drained) the oil filter can be removed. The Oil Filter is located on the bottom of the engine toward the front right hand side of the vehicle(2.1L) and is very difficult to access, it is unlikely that you will be able to release it without some type of oil filter removal tool.

Oil Filter Removal

The type of tool that you use is personal preference but the clamp type works quite well as long as you have clearance under the vehicle to use them. The chain type works but is difficult to use due to the limited access to the filter.

Oil Filter Replacement

With the filter removed replacement is obvious, wipe some clean engine oil around the rubber seal of the new filter, and screw on in place of the old one, ensure that the filter is tight (wearing a 'kitchen' rubber glove whilst tightening gives good grip on the new filter.) Fully hand tight should be fine, using a tool may end up with over tightening or damage to the new filter.

Inspect Oil Drain Plug

Sump Drain Plug Replacement

Before cleaning and replacing the drain plug check the plug surfaces,
(A) This tip is magnetic, check for metal debris, this can indicate other problems within the engine.
(B)The O ring seal is integral to the plug, check condition and replace the whole plug if damaged (Jaguar part number XR820128). Note: This is a recommended replacement by Jaguar but it very rarely fails when re-used.
(C) Check surface for damage and replace whole plug if required.

After inspection wipe around the sump drain hole and replace the sump drain plug. The torque requirement for the plug is 25NM (or finger tight and nip up with a spanner).

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