Jaguar X Type Service Sheet

Petrol Vehicles

S E R V I C E   C H E C K   L I S T

If you are planning to take your Jaguar into an approved service center for service, Jaguar recommend that you follow these steps to ensure your visit runs smoothly.
  • Give adequate notice when ordering a maintenance service so that the prescribed intervals are not exceeded.
  • If your vehicle is used under severe driving conditions, maintenance must be carried out sooner. Your Jaguar dealer can advise you about this.
  • Provide the service center brief details of any work you know is required at the time that you book your service.
  • Ensure that you leave a daytime contact number, in case any queries arise or additional work is identified.
  • Hand your Service booklet in to the service center when the vehicle is returned to you, ensure the appropriate Service Record is stamped.
Petrol Service Sheet

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