Checking Antifreeze

Checking the effectiveness and quality of the Jaguar X Type coolant is a simple but often overlooked process, allow about 10-15 minutes to complete the check.

Equipment and Tools Required:-

The Jaguar service schedule recommends a change of the engine coolant every 5 years, however maintaining the effectiveness of the coolant is as important in the summer as it is in winter.
Using the recommended fluid, at the correct ratio (50:50) not only protects the engine from extremes of temperatures, but also contains lubricants and anti-corrosive agents that help lubricate the water pump bearings and prevent the build up of rust within the cooling system.


Checking the PH balance of the coolant is the main method of establishing the effectiveness of the vehicles antifreeze, this is simply done using ph strips or an antifreeze tester such as a gunson 77105. Run the vehicle until the engine reaches normal operational temperature, then shut it off. Allow a few minutes for the pressure in the system to reduce, then using a cloth remove the cap of the coolant reservoir by unscrewing it until it rotates freely then pulling upwards.

coolant tank location

Sample the vehicle coolant using the tester, according to the manufacturers instructions. If the ph level is low then it may be necessary to drain off some fluid and add more antifreeze.

gunson readout

Conductivity Test

Over time the coolant will pick up contaminants that lead to it to become more acidic, click Here

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