Bonnet Release
Cable Replacement

Cable removal continued

Now the cable needs to be removed from the left hand latch, this is possible to do with the latch in place however for ease of access remove the bolts from the Left hand side latch, after first marking the position to ensure that it can be accurately replaced. The latch can now be lent to one side to ease access to the cable below.

L Hand latch

Remove both the battery cover and fuse box cover. also unclip and release the small pipe that is also fitted around the edge the cable route can now be seen around the engine bay sides.

Covers Removed

On the bulkhead alongside the fuse box the bonnet release cable is clamped to the side with a fixed clip. Rather than try to remove this clip it is best to sever the bonnet release cable at this point.
The cable can now be removed from the clip. Discard the loose half of the cable.



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