Bonnet Release
Cable Replacement

The Jaguar X Type uses twin bonnet (hood) latches that are released from inside the vehicle. A common fault with older vehicles (7 years plus) is a broken or ceased cable, if you experience any difficulty in opening or closing the bonnet that appears to be attributed to the latches then replacing the cable is a must.

Replacing the bonnet cable is a little difficult, so allow a minimum of 2 hours for this job.

Tools and Parts Required:-

Bonnet Release Cable Removal

Bonnet Release Catches

The release cable runs from the right hand latch to the left hand latch beneath the metalwork. There is a small plastic clip at the center of the car, it is easier to release this by removing the secondary catch assembly.

Secondary catch Cable Clip

Do this by removing the six securing bolts shown above.
The clip can then be detached from the metalwork by squeezing the two edges in with the small pliers.

Note: It is advisable to mark the position of the plate so that it can be replaced in the correct location.


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