Jaguar X-Type Keyfob Replacement

X-Type 2.1 2.5 and 3.0L

Replacing the Jaguar X-Type key fob can done very simply and cheaply, there is no need to go to a specialist, the Key Fob can be separated from the key and then re-programmed to match the car security system.

jaguar keyfobs

Equipment and Tools Required:-

A flat bladed screwdriver or blunt knife to open the Key Fob

Turning the Key fob over on it's face you will see the joining line. Gently slide the tip of the screwdriver or the tip of the blunt knife into the joint and separate the two halves of the Keyfob.

X-Type KeyFob 2032 battery

Ensure that the replacement key fob has been fitted with a new battery, for info on this see Key Fob battery replacement. Slide the new key fob onto the key.

The key fob will now need to be matched to the vehicle security system, see Jaguar X-Type Programming (Pairing) a Remote Keyfob fur details on how to do this.

Note: If you have replced your key as well as your key fob the key will need to be programmed by your local Jaguar dealership.

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