Jaguar X-Type Security

Dissarming the security system

The Jaguar X Type security system is automaticaly disarmed when the vehicle is unlocked using the key or key fob.

If the security system is set for Single-stage unlocking, turning the key or pressing the open button on the fob unlocks all doors and the luggage compartment and turns on the interior lamps.
If the security system is set for two-stage unlocking only the driver’s door and saloon luggage compartment unlocks and the interior lights turn on. A second turn of the key or press of the unlock button is required to unlock all doors and the Estate tailgate.
The exterior direction indicators give two flashes as unlocking takes place.
Note: The exterior direction indicators will flash five times if a fault exists with the intrusion sensing or inclination sensing systems.

On European and UK models only: If the vehicle is unlocked with a key, a chime will sound on opening the driver’s door, the alarm must be disarmed within 15 seconds by pressing the unlock button on the key fob or by placing the key into the ingnition barrel and turning the key to position I.

Note: If a passenger door is opened before the vehicle is disarmed, the alarm will sound.
For all other countries: Unlocking the vehicle will disarm the alarm system.

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