Jaguar X-Type Security:-
Door Locks & Smart Locking

Door Locks

The Jaguar X Type doors can be locked and unlocked either remotely, using the key fob, or by using the integrated key. The vehicle is fitted with a feature called SMART LOCKING, this helps prevent inadvertantly locking the key in the vehicle.

Smart Locking

If one or both of the front doors are open and an attempt is made to lock the doors using a door interior locking lever, all doors will become unlocked, when the doors are shut none of them will be locked.
If the bonnet (hood), boot (luggage compartment) or a door is open, the vehicle can only be locked from the outside by using a key in the driver’s door lock. It will not be possible to lock the vehicle remotely, any attempt to do so will cause the indicators will flash five times, the horn will also chirp twice as a warning that the vehicle is not secure, and leave the locks dis-engaged.

To lock the vehicle and set the alarm

Locking the vehicle and setting the alarm can be achived by pressing the lock button on the key fob or putting the key into the driver’s door lock, then turning it toward the rear of the vehicle.
In both instances you will hear the locks operate and the indicators will flash once. The security LED on the centre console will start flashing , after 20 seconds, the alarm will activated.


On UK and some European vehicles, this process will not arm the alarm system’s intrusion sensors. The intrusion sensors are only armed when the vehicle is double-locked.

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