Jaguar X-Type Security


The Jaguar X Type is equipped with a vehicle immobilisation system. It is activated and deactivated when the key is inserted or removed from the ignition switch barrel respectively, an electronic transponder fitted in each key is matched to the vehicle security system.
When the key is placed in the ignition barrel the vehicle electronics recognises the transponder in the key (NOT THE KEY FOB), and allows the engine to be started.
An incorrect un-matched key may still turn within the ignition barrel but the engine cannot be started. When an unmatched key is turned to position II, it will cause the alarm security indicator on the center console to continuously flash, the engine will not start.


This vehicle is supplied with two integrated keys (key blade with the key fob) The key number is recorded on a plastic tag, which is attached to each key, if these are lost your local Jaguar dealership will be able to supply replacement keys, but you will need to provide documents to confirm ownership of the vehicle.
Defective key fobs can be separated from the key and replaced, but will need to be re-matched to the car security system, this is a fairly simple process.
Note: When obtaining replacement key fobs ensure that the frequency is correct, UK cars require a 433 MHz transponder US and some European vehicle will require 315 MHz transponders.

Jaguar Key and Key fob key halves

The engine Immobiliser can ONLY be de-activated by use of one of the two pre programmed keys for the car. Replacement keys must be programmed into the security system by Jaguar.
The vehicle access security system is controlled remotely by using an encrypted rf signal, the battery-operated transmitter is activated by pressing one of the operating buttons on the key fob, Multiple key fobs can be programmed locally.

Unlock Button
  Unlocks and disarms the vehicle.

Lock Button Locks, double-locks and arms the vehicle alarm system.
European and UK:-The alarm system will not be
fully armed unless the vehicle is double-locked.

Alarm Button
  Activates the convenience headlamp
  feature and sounds the panic alarm.

Alarm Button
  Releases luggage compartment lock.

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