Jaguar X-Type Security
Total Closure and Drive-away door locking

Total Closure

warning sign Warning Before operating global closure, ensure that there are no obstructions in any open aperture and that children and pets a clear of windows. The vehicle is fitted with a number of safety mechanisms to prevent serious injury, however, injuries can still occur.

Total Closure with the Key

Place the key in the drivers door lock, turn and hold in the lock position to close all the electrically operated windows (and sunroof, if fitted).

Total Closure with the remote

Press and hold the lock button for longer than 2 seconds to close all the electrically operated windows (and sunroof, if fitted).
Pressing the button again while global closing is taking place will stop all movement.

Ensure that manually operated rear windows are fully closed by hand (if fitted).

Drive-away door locking

Drive-away door locking is standard in all Jaguar X-Types, with all of the doors closed, they will lock when the vehicle is moving above mph (8 km/h). If the vehicle is stopped and a door is opened, provided the engine remains running, the car will relock when the door is closed again and the vehicle once again exceeds 5 mph. If the car is unlocked this feature will only lock the doors again if the ignition is turned off and then back on again.

Note:All vehicles have the drive-away door locking feature installed during manufacture. This feature can be disabled, or reinstated, by a Jaguar Dealer/Authorized Repairer.

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