Jaguar X-Type Security System
Security Features

Security Features

The Jaguar X-Type security system has been designed for Prevention of theft of the vehicle, Prevention of theft of items from the vehicle and Personal security.
The security system uses electronicly encoded keys and is integrated with the vehicle electronics and engine management systems, to prevent theft. When the vehicle is armed and double-locked, movement within the vehicle interior will activate the intruder sensing alarm. Inclination (tilt) sensing protects against unauthorised towing away or jacking up. There is provision to unlock the luggage compartment, using the key fob, without activating the alarm. Full closure can be used but manually operated rear windows must be manually closed before double-locking the vehicle.

Alarm Systems Battery reconnection

If the battery has been disconnected and is subsequently reconnected, the alarm system will resume the same state as before the battery was disconnected. If the alarm was sounding when the battery was disconnected it will sound again when the battery is reconnected. This can be de-activated by pressing the unlock button on the key fob or, placing the key into the ignition switch and turning it to position I.

Panic alarm

When in or near the vehicle, the alarm can be set off to deter a possible offender. For this feature to operate, the key must not be in the ingnition. Pressing the headlamp convenience/panic button on the key transmitter three times within three seconds will activate the Panic Alarm.
The alarm is stopped by putting the key into the starter switch and turning to position II or, pressing either the panic button three times or one press of the unlock button.

Battery backed sounder

In certain countries a separate, self-contained, battery backed sounder is fitted. This device will sound the full alarm if the vehicle alarm is activated or if the vehicle battery or the sounder is disconnected when the security system is armed.

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