Changing Bank 2 Spark Plugs
Remove Bonnet (Hood) Latch Assembly.

Start by removing the Air Filter, release the securing screws and lift the lid of the air filter. Remove the filter and place into a clean plastic bag .

air filter fixings

If you are also changing Bank 1 spark plugs at this time the flexible pipe between the filter and throttle manifold can now be removed see Bank 1 detail , if you are only changing Bank 2 Spark plugs the lid of the air filter can be left attached. Disconnect the connection at the side of the air filter assembly.

air filter connector air filter box

Remove the internal screws at the base of the filter box, and the two bolts on the metal bar above. The air filter box can now be pulled up leaving the front metal connection plate of the air intake in place. Remove the bolts securing the secondary bonnet latch and air intake fixing plate. Pull the intake as far forward as possible.

Internal filter box fixing
intake bolts air intake forward position


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