Changing Bank 1 Spark Plugs

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Changing the rear set of three Spark-plugs (Bank 1) is the difficult set to change on the X-Type, it involves removal of the inlet manifold, however with a little care and effort it is not a terribly hard job. Allow 1.5-2 hours for this side alone. Jaguar recommend using new Gaskets when changing bank 1 spark plugs.

Equipment and Tools Required:-

Also required will be clean rag or paper towel and a general spray solvent de-greaser.

Start by disconnecting and removing the battery, see X-Type battery removal for details. Remove the engine cover by removing the oil filler cap A and releasing screws B. Lift the plastic cover off then replace the oil filler cap.

X-Type Engine cover X-Type Engine

The intake manifold is the grey pipe assembly at the rear of the engine. This has to be removed to access the Spark plugs. Unfortunately this involves the removal of various vacuum and cooling water pipes, as well as a number of electrical connectors.

X-Type Inlet manifold

JTIS Instructions are to drain the engine of coolant, this can be done now if you wish, alternately don't drain the coolent, just raise the pipe ends above the engine level and secure them with ty-wraps out of the way.


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