Changing Bank 1 Spark Plugs
Remove Electrical Connections.

Start by removing the three rear electrical connections, as with most connectors on the Jaguar X-Type you will need to press down one side of the connector and pull it apart.

X-Type Inlet Manifold Rear Electrical Connections

Remove the two connections one each side of the throttle assembly.

connector4 connector5

If you are not changing the Bank 2 spark plugs, remove the rubber flexible hose between the air filter and throttle assembly. If the original Jaguar clips are still fitted, these can be removed by sliding the small flat screwdriver in under the clip then press forward and twist. If the front bank (Bank 2) are also being changed then only the clip adjacent to the throttle assembly needs to be removed.

X-Type Inlet Manifold air filter clip X-Type Inlet Manifold air filter pipe

As the flexible pipe is removed, disconnect the plastic camshaft cover vent pipe connected to it near the throttle assembly.


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