Jaguar X-Type KeyFob Re-assembly

X-Type 2001 2.5 and 3.0L

Before fitting a replacement battery it is alway wise to clean the connections inside the remote assembly. There is no need to go to a specialist, and the equipment needed is readily available. Details on how to do this, can be found here.

After Cleaning re-assembly of the remote key fob is the reverse process of disassembly.
battery replacement

Ensure that the positive face of the battery is placed down into the holder, the negative face (unmarked) will be the face that makes contact to the electronics board.

KeyFob Halves

Using the Miniature Screwdriver
Re-secure the circuit board into the base of the KeyFob.

key fob re-assembled

Re-assemble the sperate parts of the KeyFob, and check operation, providing the battery has not been left out for a prolonged period, everything should work correctly. If the KeyFob needs to be re-paired with the vehicle then use the procedure found here.

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