Jaguar P1000 Fault code

P1000 is a very common Diagnostic Test Code (DTC) and can be indicated after maintenance has been carried out. This is not necesarily an indication of a problem, The service engineer may have cleared fault codes, after repair or rectification of a problem. If they have, code P1000 will be present, it can not be cleared by normal means, the ECU will clear the code when all engine test cycles have been completed.

MIL Light   Jaguar Fault code P1000 will NOT illuminate the Jaguar Check Engine
  Light (MIL light), however it will be indicated on a DTC Reader.

If your MIL light   comes back on again after having a fault repaired it is a very good indication that the original fault remains or that a new fault has shown up. Read the DTC fault code to determine the cause of the new fault.

If the Diagnosis test Code P1000 remains flagged on the DTC Reader, after DTCs have been cleared, but the MIL indicator is not indicating a problem it is likely that engine management OBD diagnostic monitor drive cycles HAVE NOT BEEN COMPLETED.

Every time you start the car and go through a complete drive cycle (10,000 revolutions of the motor and the motor up to temp), it is logged. after 5 complete drive cycles, the next starting of the engine, the check engine light will go out. If a further problem is sensed by the computer, the process will repeat.

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