Changing the Front Lower Suspension Arm

Procedure Continued

To make the area easier to work within remove the two 15mm securing bolts for the brake caliper assembly. Separate the caliper from the disk and secure the it up out of the way, using a cable tie around the caliper and suspension shock absorber spring.

brake caliper bolts

Using the hide end of the mallet, loosen the brake disk (rotor), and remove.

Running from the front backwards along the sub chassis of the car on the left hand side is a small coolant pipe. In order to access and release the retaining bolt of the lower suspension arm, horizontal bush, it is necessary to release the securing clamp of this pipe. The securing clamp is located behind the cross member (inner) of the vehicle it is retained by a 5mm bolt.


Using a 13mm (16mm) socket remove the two 8mm (or 10mm) securing bolts [1,2] for the sub chassis rear retaining plate.[4]


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