This procedure allows the ECM to relearn fuel metering adaptive values.

Normal wear and tear results in fuel and air metering requirements will vary over time. The ECM can adapt to this by learning the new compensation values required. If the vehicle battery is disconnected, all adaptive values held in the ECM memory will be lost (i.e. set to zero); the ECM is then referred to as ‘Green’. To enable the engine to run correctly and for the evaporative purge system to function, the ECM must ‘relearn’ these values.

  • Idle vehicle until fully warm. Coolant temperature gauge just below mid point (48-50%),let the engine idle for a further three minutes minimum.
  • Drive the vehicle, with the air conditioning off, on level road using a constant throttle (use speed control) for at least 60 seconds, in the following gears, at the stated engine speeds for sections 1,2,3 and 4 in table 1.
  • Return to rest and leave the vehicle idling for 60 seconds.
1 3.0 L Manual N Idle       
3.0 L Auto P/N Idle
2.5 L Manual N Idle
2.5 L Auto P/N Idle
2 3.0 L Manual Third 2000rpm
3.0 L Auto Third 1750rpm
2.5 L Manual Third 2000rpm
2.5 L Auto Third 1750rpm
3 3.0 L Manual 4th 2250rpm
3.0 L Auto 4th 2000
2.5 L Manual 4th 2250
2.5 L Auto 4th 2250
4 3.0 L Manual 4th 2750rpm
3.0 L Auto 4th 2500rpm
2.5 L Manual 4th 2750rpm
2.5 L Auto 4th 2750rpm

If sufficient adaptive learning has occurred, the evaporative purge valve should now be operating. This can be verified manually by either touching or listening to the valve. It is possible to feel the valve switching by touching the evaporative purge valve. Warning: the Evaporative Purge valve is likely to be HOT.

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