Jaguar X-Type Engine Air Filter change

X-Type 2001 2.5 and 3.0L

A very simple but importent job on the X-type is the Air Filter change. The job takes about 15 minutes and can improve your cars performance tremendously.

Equipment and Tools Required:-

Remove Engine Air Filter

XType Engine cover

To access the air filter box first you need to remove the plastic engine cover, the oil filler cap should be kept on the engine as much as possible to prevent anything from inadvertently falling in the filler.
Release the three large cross headed clips (B) with a 180° turn. Remove the engine oil filler cap (A) and lift off the plastic engine cover. Replace the engine oil filler cap.

air filter cover
Lift the lid of the air filter box by un-doing the six philips headed screws around the outside of the air filter. There is no need to remove the lid entirely, just un-do the screws so that it can be lifted up, to access the filter.

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