Jaguar X-Type Engine Maintenance

Jaguar Engine Oil Checks

Oil level check
Always check oil level and with vehicle standing on level ground and use NEW 5w/30 engine oil to the correct specification when topping up and refilling.

Jaguar Oil Filler Drain Plug

When checking the oil level always do so before the car is driven, or allow at least 5 minutes after the engine has been switched off.

Jaguar Dipstick Wipe Dipstick Jaguar Dipstic Level

Remove the Dip stick and using a clean rag or paper towel, wipe all the oil from it. Insert the clean dip stick back into the tube as far as it will go, withdraw it again and note the oil level on the end of the stick, it should be between the upper MAX mark and the lower MIN mark.
Approximately ?(tbc) litre of oil will raise the level from the lower mark to the upper mark.

Oil is added through the filler cap. Rotate the cap through a quarter-turn anti clockwise and withdraw it. Top-up the level, a funnel may help to reduce spillage, add the oil slowly, checking the level on the dip stick regally. Do not overfill. Always maintain the level between the upper and lower dip stick marks. If the level is too low, severe engine damage may occur. Oil seal failure may result if the engine is overfilled by adding too much oil.

The oil should be drained when engine is warm. The oil filter can be renewed while oil is being drained. WARNING: Observe due care when draining engine oil as the oil can be very hot. Prolonged and repeated contact with used engine oil may cause serious skin disorders, wash thoroughly after contact. Keep out of reach of children.

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