Changing the X-Type Pollen Filter Removal

Removing The Old Filter

Once the position is marked, remove and retain the 13mm nuts that secure the wiper arms in position. You now need to remove the arms, these are on a tapered spline, you can pry them off with a screwdriver taking care not to damage any of the surrounding body work but it is far easier to use a small two arm bearing puller

Once the wiper arms are removed the plastic retainers along the edge of the Plenum cover need to be removed. Gently lift these with the tip of the flat screwdriver. When the center part of the fixing is raised up the whole thing can be removed.

The plastic cover can now be removed, and placed to one side. The Pollen filter should be clearly visable on the right hand side of the Plenum area. At its center top you will see a plastic retainer that needs to be unclipped and folded upwards. The filter is a fairly tight fit but a gentle tug should remove it.


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