Rear Brake disc Replacement


Removal of Hand Brake (Emergency Brake) Cable

Assuming that you don't have access to a car lift:-
With the vehicle on a flat stable surface, chock the front wheels and jack the car up at the rear, on the side you wish to change, place the axle stand(s) for security and then remove the road wheel.

Remove roadwheel

With the Rear disc Brake assembly exposed look at the rear of the caliper and you will see the Hand brake (Emergency Brake) cable and its retaining circlip.

Hand Brake Cable Circlip Hand Brake Cable Circlip

Remove and retain this clip.

Using the Pipe Pliers compress the Hand brake activator until you can remove the cable from its seat.

compress rear handbrake assembly

Push the tip of the cable down and pull the cable back gently to remove the hand brake cable from the caliper assembly.

Removal of Hand Brake cable

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